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Welcome toGrDezign Studio

Leading Photographers in Rochester

This is the place where Multiple Talents meet High Standards delivering Unforgettable Results

GrDezign Studio, is based in Rochester, NY and was founded by a team of creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about photography, videography and graphic design, Mikhail and Nataliya Gritsak. As a team, they work diligently to deliver unique and creative products of high quality. Mikhail specializes in videography, graphic design and photography, while Nataliya focuses mainly on photography. Their work embodies the slogan for the studio: “Fantastic experience with life-lasting memories”. The primary concentration for the studio is photography and videography followed by graphic design.
Their areas of focus are: family, maternity, kids, newborn, baby, wedding, head shots photography and videography. Their style is clean, rich on details, creative and they love to tell stories using their cameras.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver unique, exciting and creative products of high quality with a style and taste so it can be cherished for generations to come. To back our mission we bring the design, graphic design and photography experience into a single package. Our work has been featured in major magazines world wide like; 3D World Magazine, Photoshop Creative Collection, Adobe Creative Suite Book, Photoshop for Beginners and more…

We do the right thing!

We are not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes, but when they happen we pay out of our own pocket for those mistakes.

It makes us stronger and better.

Our Specialties

Graphic Design


Our Skills

Photography is like any other business you need skills and knowledge to create good products and the more skills and knowledge you have the better product you’re able to create. Before we started our photography business we worked in different fields and were able to pickup some very useful skills.


Mikhail started working as web/graphic designer in 2010 and started learning photography in 2011. During these years he was able to pick up some awesome skills like: working with Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator, understanding colors, composition, and lightning.


Nataliya started working as fashion designer in 2004 and started to learn photography in 2012. During these years she learned: sewing, alteration (mostly wedding dresses, prom dresses), fashion, using software like Lightroom, understanding colors, patterns, composition.
We created a visual diagram to show our skills and knowledge. The round bar outlining the skill and the percentage shows our knowledge for that skill. We also believe that as soon as you stop learning you start losing your skill, so we never stop learning. We use every opportunity we have to attain more knowledge and improve our skills. Every photo session, photo book or design project for us is the opportunity to incorporate our skills, and learn something new.

We never stop improving because we don’t believe in good enough.

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