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We provide most of the props, but if you would like to incorporate your own, feel free to do so.

About Maternity and Beyond Project


Why are we doing this?

The purpose of this project is to gain creative experience and reach potential clients. We love photography, we love kids, and we love challenges. A project like this will allow us to accomplish several things:

  1. We will have a chance to document a life of different kids from the very beginning to early adulthood.
  2. Aim our business in a more enjoyable direction for us.
  3. Allow us to promote our business within this niche.
How will this project work?

The first 100 people who book us for a maternity photo session will participate in this project. Once the photo sessions are complete, the winners will be chosen by other participants in this project.

What is the winning prize?

The first 8 winners will receive a free yearly photo session (basic 35 digital prints package) for 20 years.
The second 2 winners will receive one free newborn/baby photo session (basic 35 digital prints package).

Who will be the winners?
  • Baby boy (free 20 years)
  • Baby girl (free 20 years)
  • Twins baby boys (free 20 years)
  • Twins baby girls (free 20 years)
  • Twins baby girl and baby boy (free 20 years)
  • The two other baby winners will be chosen randomly (free 2-hour photo session)

Certificate for a Boy and a Girl


Do you have assistant photographer?

Both of us are photographers and often we work together, but in some cases when we need help we can hire an assistant.

What is your base price?

Our base price is $120 for 15 digital images, we don’t charge for time only for images you choose. This way we don’t have to concentrate on our time, instead on quality of our work. To see more about our prices visit our prices page.

Is there something that you wan’t do?

Yes, we will not photograph erotic/nudity content, violent content and holiday related content. Please talk to us to learn more.

What is the difference between Hi and Low Resolution Images?

Hi-Resolution images are usually 300ppi (pixels per inch) or higher. If you would want to print images you want them to be at least 300ppi.

Low-Resolution images are under 300ppi and normally fine for viewing on screen but not recommended to print.

In another words, there is no difference if you view images on screen, but you will see the difference when you will try to print.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept most popular credit cards.

Is there a security deposit, if yes how much?

We do not normally request security deposit for jobs under $500. For jobs over $500 deposit usually is 50% from full package. In some cases we may consider smaller amount.

This is one of it’s kind offer, even if you don’t win 20 years of photo sessions, you’ll get this awesome deal for $210 (normally worth around $500).

This spacial has ended.

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