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We shot down this website at a beginning of March 2013 to rebuild it from ground up. Last year we decided to shift our main focus to professional photography, and in January 2014 we started to do the change step by step. To make big change to your business is never easy and some times can be very time consuming, this one was one of those time consuming transformations.

That’s take a look a little into our past and what we did before January 2014.

We started our business in 2010 and at first it was just a Mikhail doing freelance web and graphic design. GrDezign Studio was founded in January 2013 with Nataliya joining a team and for most of the year we worked as a graphic design studio. In 2011 we started learning photography and some time in mid 2013 we decided to take it to professional level. On January 2014 we made a decision to direct our focus mainly into professional photography. To make a good transformation we needed to change a lot of what we did before, this website was one of the biggest projects. After a lot of brainstorming and hard work our new future came to reality 🙂 and soon real fun will arrive to our doors and we’re very exited about it.

Our plans and vision for this website.

We build this website to be a big help for us to deliver the best service and products to our customers and clients. First of all we wanted to make it clean, simple, very informative and easy to use and since we will be offering digital products for sale we needed a digital shop. This feature will be great for other photographers and designers and especially for our clients who like to play with Photoshop or Lightroom. If you our client or thinking of becoming one, don’t forget to talk to us about our shop and how it can help you get creative with your images.

Having multiple talents allowing us to see what most don’t and create beautiful product you will adore.

70 Percent of what we do is professional photography and 30 percent graphic design. Photography is mostly family, kids, baby, romantic, engagement, couples, and other portraits as well as product photography and real estate photography. We work in studio and on locations and never stop learning and improving. Our style is clean, bright and rich on details, we always try to take creative approach and be flexible for different ideas and requests. Using graphic design skills and knowledge we create art images, photo books, catalogs, posters etc. Having multiple talents allowing us to see what most don’t and create beautiful product you will adore.

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