Dream wedding sunset portrait

Taras and Tanya 1st Wedding Anniversary

Taras and Tanya wanted their first wedding anniversary to be somewhere close to water and with traditional approach. After some research and little bit of planning we decided to have the photo session at Hamlin Beach. We arrived at the location around 2:00pm and since it was beautiful summer day and also Sunday, park was very busy and it took us a little while to find a perfect place for set up, but after some searching we found awesome spot. Around 4:00pm after some hard work and a lots of laughs, wedding arch was done and whole place was ready for real fun.

Sunset Magic

After first few hours of fun, dancing and a little bit of champagne we decided to go and catch up with the sun. Sky was just perfect with some clouds and big orange sun just above the horizon.

The Moon

After sundown we had a pleasure to work with a moon for a little bit.

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